Media Planning, Buying, Strategy

We focus on a media first approach, understanding that finding a receptive and open audience is key to communicating a message. We don't silo our media teams, but instead take a 360° cross-platform approach

Multicultural Targeting

Having access to our own, proprietary research on the multicultural segment, coupled with our unique relationships with multicultural powerhouses within the industry, we have an unmatched ability to target ethnic segments in-language both efficiently and effectively.


Our SEM methodology combines a deep understanding of your target audience, messaging and campaign goals with a data-driven optimization strategy. Our in-house team handles everything from exhaustive keyword research, to campaign buildout and finally to reporting and optimization. Proper structure ensures that we are delivering the most relevant ad possible to each targeted search query.

Social Media

We have worked closely with our clients to strategically integrate social into our digital buys. We work through our DSP partner to integrate social buys with our broader digital buys.


GP's in house programmatic solution is inclusive of our hands on keyboard team that handles a campaign launch for multiple channels such as display, online video, native and social. Instead of relying on publishers, we have the power and transparency to pull our own levers. We manage everything from launch, optimizations, ability to create custom audiences, pull reporting and campaign wrap up.